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We’re beyond thrilled to have Shayna, the editor and founder of Pattern Pulp, drop in today to share her killer advice on pairing accessories with our dresses. When it comes to trend based patterns and pairings, she is your girl, so we’ll let her take it from here…

So let’s talk accessories and styling. I’ll start by saying that I’m not a style blogger. While I’m relentlessly observing and tracking creativity and taking tabs on art, accessories, design and fashion, I’m a behind-the-scenes girl, one that’s obsessed with how the dots connect. Literally.

I research and write about color and pattern trends for numerous fashion and technology companies and thought I’d share a few glimpses into my own wardrobe, as mixing and matching requires a new gameplan for every meeting.

1. Teal | Gold | Neutral | Charcoal:  This arrangement above combines Japanese fossils, shells and lava from Iceland. It also showcases a pair of Patrizia Pepe heels and vintage costume jewelry. Every once in a while I’ll need to be super polished and less patterned. In those instances I opt for colorful jewelry and matching shoes. This pairing would compliment the Niko or Lydia dresses perfectly.

2. Silver | Transparent | Tribal This outfit is a Shayna mainstay. Patterned flats from Sigerson Morrison, a glass bubble necklace from MoMA and a Tribal laptop case from Greene + Gray…paired with a doll from Burma. I’ll wear this to a Marketing or Advertising pitch where I need to be equal parts creative and polished. This pairing speaks to the Sophia dress really well.

3. Pale Pink | Brown | Bronze | Plaid Every once in a while I like to go a hint softer and more feminine. These plaid Paolo heels, Fenton Fallon wooden necklace and Darkroom earrings speak to a mature, academic, intelligent audience. It almost reminds me of a Gallerist’s outfit. The cats are by Heather Mattoon and the onions are from the Farmer’s Market. I’d wear these items with the Peche in aubergine.

4. Black | White | Brown Here’s where I tell you to combine a complete no/no. Black and brown works just as well as black and blue. If you’re looking to own the room or the panel for that matter, this accessory combo is a fierce compliment to any solid dress. I got these platform Cazabat heels at the Barney’s Warehouse sale, but any bold pattern will do. The necklace is from Marimekko and the chalk nesting dolls made their way back from Muji in Paris.The dress and necklace would be knockout with the Mela dress

Thanks, Shayna! We’re eager to try out all these options.

All images courtesy of Shayna Kulik