how does it work?

    • Where do you deliver?
    • Anywhere in Manhattan (for now)!
    • How does delivery and return work?
    • We’ll drop off the dresses in a garment bag. When you’ve made your decision, put the dresses you want to return in the same garment bag, and we’ll send someone over to pick it up.
    • Until when can I request a same-day delivery?
    • Fill out the form before 4pm and you can have dresses before the end of the day. Any order we receive after 4pm can be delivered the following day.
    • What does it cost?
    • We won’t charge you for any of the items until you decide which ones to keep.
    • We charge $25 to cover our hand-delivery costs. If you keep two dresses, we’ll waive the fee!
    • how will you charge me?
    • When you submit your order, we will validate your credit card. You won’t be charged for anything until you return your items, and we see what you kept!
    • How is this different from the Dressing Room?
    • You’ll get your dresses within 24 hours of submitting your request, and we’ll get them off your hands within 48 hours.
    • No extra packaging required. Everything comes in a garment bag, and you return whatever you don’t want to keep in the same garment bag.
    • Dresses a-plenty. We will send you up to 8 dresses, rather than 4.
    • It’s personal. Hand-selected dresses for you followed by concierge delivery service will leave you feeling like royalty.